People rely on the organic and natural products for their health related issues. This is because; they do not want to experience the side effects of drugs and supplements. Forskolin supplement has come into existence for a past few years and have miraculous effects on the human body.  In order to ensure the safety, the medical experts have further studied and found out that it may have mild to severe side effects. Before taking any medication, it is highly recommended to check the side effects of the supplement. Below mentioned are a few side effects, which may differ from person to person:

Experiencing lower blood pressure

The most significant side effect of using Forskolin based supplement or drug is the lowering of the blood pressure. It is known to dilate the blood vessels, which lower the blood pressure. That’s why, if you use any supplement containing Forskolin in conjunction with the blood pressure related medicines, it may give unpleasant results. If you are already taking the medicines to reduce your blood pressure, this drug will further reduce it and may cause severe side effects. You need to get in touch with your family doctor before taking this supplement as a weight loss product.

Headache and raised heart beat

In ancient times, forskolin was used as an ayurvedic medicine. It played a vital role in treating the brain and heart related issues. Some of these problems include heart failure, attacks, erebral vasospasm and palpitation. The side effects of this supplement may be raised heartbeat and the headache. However, it may appear in some patients while others may feel comfortable and continue using this supplement.

Prevent blood clotting and has bleeding effects

The clinical study shows that this natural herb is used to prevent blood clotting in various body parts. This is because; it has anti platelet effects and prevents platelet aggregation. However, in some cases, this causes the bleeding effects. Especially, if you are taking some medicines with the same effects, using this supplement as weight loss may cause bleeding.  If you have just undergone any type of surgery, you must stop taking this supplement in any form.


In some parts of the world such as Europe, due to the contamination in the forskolin products, acute poisoning may occur. You need to consider the purity of the product and must buy only those products, which are offered by the trusted websites. You should check the reputation of the site on the internet before you purchase these products.


The pregnant and breast feeding mothers must avoid taking this supplement. The side effects may be unknown but you need to be careful when you are carrying a baby or feeding him. This will be good for the mother and the child.

Forskolin has magical effects when taken for weight loss. Many people have started using this weight loss supplement after it was noticed in Dr. Oz show. You must click here to know its potential health related benefits and side effects on the human beings.

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