The health issues returning veterans face are frequently quite different from the general population because they find themselves dealing with pain, mental health and other issues unique to their lived experience.  The often return from the battlefield with a host of problems impacting them in ways that are physical, psychological, and psychosocial.

Memorial Day is approaching, and is sure to fill the airways with stories about communities coming together to help America’s veterans.  Who doesn’t melt at the sight of a Dad returning from a tour of duty to surprise his children at their softball game.  We savor the moment, and go about our business wondering how we can make a difference in the lives of those who protect our way of life.

Sometimes it’s as simple as shopping at a business that values the sacrifice our brave man and women put forth as much as you do. is just that sort of business.  They pay tribute to our military families by making deep discounts available on their already affordable merchandise so families who serve can enjoy more.

And right now they are putting their money where their heart is by matching customer donations for the Special Operations Warriors foundation that helps families of fallen Special Ops.  So with every dollar you spend on rugs, home décor, tires and wheels, the ordinary everyday stuff you buy for your needs, you will also help those families in need.  Overstock offers even more savings when you combine your purchase with a Groupon coupon.  30% off furniture, 15% off outdoor and sports gear and other savings mean you can go ahead and buy the items now that you’ve been hoping to find on sale later.   A refreshed and relaxing environment can be just the thing to lift the spirits of your returning service member.  As many as one in 10 returning war vets experience serious mental problems, as a result of the trauma of battle.  Studies show that PTSD or depression impairs daily functioning in a growing percentage of these vets.   A little retail therapy will not cure deep psychological problems, nor is treatment going to undo all they’ve been through.  But when we take the time to contribute financially to causes designed to aid their well-being we all win.  And there’s no better winning combination this Memorial Day than Groupon and

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