Practical exams and vivas have always been the scariest part of the medical examinations. And because the practical exams form a large part of the total marks, it is extremely significant to prepare for them diligently. It is pretty hard to expect what your particular examiner may have in mind for you. This is why medical students consider practical examinations tougher than theories. There are various online resources these days where students can practice for practical examinations efficiently.

Online portals provide the most interactive preparation for medical practical exams. Medical students can access an extensive catalogue of realistic long cases online for preparing for their practical examinations.

These online portals are designed to improve practical clinical skills so that students can learn how to perform efficiently during their examination. Students who are studying for their final medical exams can become more competent because of various medical cases particularly catered to students. You should always know what online resources are available to help you prepare better for your practical examinations.

Highly Interactive Long Cases:
Various in-depth long cases are available online on platforms such as Students can read these cases thoroughly for accumulating immense knowledge to perform outstandingly well in their practical examination. Read as much as possible about different cases and refer to maximum references to boost your confidence. You can garner immense know-how using various cases and learn different tactics to approach them.

Discuss With Seniors:
Web has provided an amazing opportunity to everyone to learn and share experiences with experts easily. Thus, medical students can use the internet and communicate with their seniors or other medical experts to know of all the important lessons they should learn for practical examination. The Internet has created amazing opportunities where people can easily discuss important issues and learn various topics.

Improve Clinical Competencies:
Examiners expect you to possess basic clinical competencies. Thus, practice basic steps in clinical history and make sure your concepts are clear. Unless you are well-prepared in the clinical approach you may not be able to impress your examiner solely on the basis of your theoretical knowledge. There are various videos and other guides available on the internet where you can see how to give your best in practical examinations.

Read Cases Based on Real Life Patient Scenarios:
Cases based on real life patient scenarios are available at various websites on the internet. These cases enhance your power and perspective to understand every bit about the case comprehensively. This will also empower you to improve on weaker sections.

There are various platforms designed with an intention to help you track your improvement over time. They have mock tests and other similar pre-tests available on their websites where you can practice before your final examination.

Experiential and self-study are also very crucial for clearing practical examinations with flying colors. Thus, focus on your preliminary base and look for every possible guide or test series available on the internet that can help you crack your medical practical test.

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