Although the windshield on a golf cart looks like glass, you can’t use traditional automotive cleansers on it to eliminate dirt and grime. A golf cart windshield is usually constructed out of polycarbonate or acrylic. Both of these materials are softer than the glass that’s found on a car windshield, which is why a commercial-grade glass cleaner can easily damage the surfaces. Although the process of cleaning the panel on a cart may seem challenging, there are easy ways to keep an acrylic or polycarbonate material clean and tidy.

Strategic Procedures

Sporting goods stores that sell commercial products for vehicles stock a variety of cleaning solutions. However, because the paneling on a golf cart is unique, you must select a cleaner that’s specifically designed for a polycarbonate or acrylic windshield.

Once the surfaces are cleaned, other steps must be taken to protect the panel while on the course. When you need to spray an insect repellent, always apply the product while standing away from the windshield. The ingredients in a typical repellent are strong, so the solution can ruin the windshield if the liquid lands on the housing. If the product smears on the windshield and rests on the material for a long length of time, the solution will create a thick, cloudy film that can make simple driving tasks more challenging.


The accessories that you use while cleaning the windshield can impact the final results. Newspaper and paper towels shouldn’t be used because these items have rough surfaces that can easily scratch the panel. Instead, cleanse the material with a soft cloth; then, when all dirt is removed, dry the windshield by blotting the surfaces gently.


Whenever an object scratches the windshield, a great polishing product can help you eliminate the flaws. If the process of buffing the scratches seems too challenging, a professional can tackle this task.

Besides the windshield, a golf cart has many other vital components that must be properly maintained. The big benefit is that Club Car golf cart parts and other sports accessories can be cleansed with soap and water.

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